Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Peace in Our Hearts By Diane Wheeler Dunn


Peace in Our Hearts


Diane Wheeler Dunn

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The award winning Diane Wheeler Dunn is with us again on a new musical voyage of pleasure, this time this flute based reverie of charm is entitled Peace in Our Hearts and a delightful journey with this illustrious and proficient musician it most certainly is.

This 10 track album has sublime moments of utter ambience, the opening piece is a prime example of that serenity and called Petunias are Stars, this composition is also a fine presentation of how to build and progress a composition, the sensitive percussion is also a soothing addition.

On each and every track the greatest attention to detail is paid, listen to pieces like Imaginal Realm, a track where an almost East meets West vibration can be found, or Float The Boat, a hovering arrangement with some incredibly inventive percussive elements and flute magic.

There can be no doubt that the artist has sealed her place among the many layered dimensions of flute performers across our globe, perhaps tracks like title offering Peace in Our Hearts will emphasise that, here lays a song of great quality and almost haunting in its depths and textures, while songs like While the Rabbit Sleeps offer a rhythmic pulse to the proceedings, this is a beautifully fluent composition that raises the rhythms of the whole album.

This stunning new release is concluded by the last offering from the album entitled Pause for Peace; this song is so very valuable and indeed meaningful especially at the moment, and here the artist manifests an energy of stillness and calm, allowing the meaning of the title to take full effect, a very smart way to finish the album with indeed.

Peace in Our Hearts by Diane Wheeler Dunn exemplifies just what a good flute performer she has become and is becoming, this crafted body of work has tone, multi-layered textures of sound and intention, and is without a shadow of a doubt the artist’s best work to date. Peace in Our Hearts by Diane Wheeler Dunn must be an instant purchase for those who love flute based music, and also to those who seek a sanctuary of the soul in search of that much sought after commodity, peace!

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