Thursday, September 22, 2022

Franch plays Franck By Elisabet Franch


Franch plays Franck


Elisabet Franch

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Classical music in this ever changing and unpredictable decade is showing a level of revival that’s fast becoming sustainable and emphatic; an example of this growth is the new release by the ever creative and technical sublime flautist Elisabet Franch, and entitled Franch plays Franck.

On this release we can explore the works of Grieg, the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns and of course César Franck the composer and pianist originally from Liege.

Elisabet Franch is a wonderfully accomplished flautist, and one can see why on tracks like Edvard Grieg, Sonata n.2 op.13 in G major - Lento Doloroso-Allegro Vivace. This transcendent offering is a bliss-filled reverie of utter fluency with a harmonious structure, one that builds and moves with the grace of a mystical being within its arrangement, a piece that contains a certain romanticism and charm.

A more sombre piece now is before us and entitled Edvard Grieg, Sonata n.2 op.13 in G major - Allegretto Tranquilo. The flute of Franch here is gentle and soothing in its first essence, but then slowly builds carefully to a crescendo. The presentation and the Norse elements are all beautifully felt.

Edvard Grieg, Sonata n.2 op.13 in G major - Allegro Animato, here Franch brings a lively energy into the piece, one that almost dances with the main infrastructure of the arrangement, a wonderfully illuminating presentation indeed.

We edge to the half way marker of the release and as we do so we come across Camille Saint-Saëns - Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso op.28, this highly successful piece is performed with great style and panache by the flautist, one must also mention at this point, the performances on this album by pianist Albert Guinovart, truly masterful indeed.

So onto César Franck, Sonata in A Major - Allegretto ben moderato, this quite breath taking recital is truly something special, the fluency here is sublime on a piece that was rated to be, one of the finest Sonata’s for violin and piano ever written, Franch and her trustworthy flute bring an air of majesty into the proceedings here.

The sense of turbulence within this next offering is actually somewhat appealing, César Franck, Sonata in A Major – Allegro is a technical masterpiece and subtle nuances abound within, in a performance that is both hypnotic and riveting.

César Franck, Sonata in A Major - Recitativo –Fantasia is a land of ambience created by the composer to originally to be free of form structure and expression, so it is within each of us to listen intently, and if we feel the need, we can construct our own mental narrative whilst listening.

The penultimate offering from this deeply satisfying new release is César Franck, Sonata in A Major - Allegretto poco mosso, what was once described as one of the finest examples of canonic writing, the triumphant, almost soaring conclusion to this piece made it for me one of my personal favourites, with Franch in sublime form indeed.

Our final arrangement if César Franck – Aimer, this recital is a heavenly melodic composition, respectfully performed by Franch, with a warmth to the presentation that is particularly palpable, and quite touching, and of course a perfect moment to finish an album of great quality and style with.

Franch plays Franck by Elisabet Franch with the piano of Albert Guinovart, is an album that contains 9 pieces of works from several influential composers, and exhibits a simply idyllic implementation whilst doing so, here is a flautist of immense skill and talent, her performances on this album will light up a darkened room with crafted nuances and skilful intelligence; for those who have a preference for the classical, this is one album you must not miss at all costs.

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