Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Haunted Palace by Steve Sheppard


The Haunted Palace


Steve Sheppard

Written by Chrissie Sheppard


Steve Sheppard has been in full flow recently releasing some great new compositions, this time he has created a piece of music that was originally going to be a Halloween track, but that all changed when he found the poem by Edgar Allan Poe called The Haunted Palace, this made him rethink his composition, and added himself reciting some of the poem, but let’s look at the music itself.

The sound of crows and wind in the distance, maybe the start of a storm our the opening sounds, then the synths come into play as the first part of the poem is recited, then then horror of Halloween kicks in, children singing, voices and an organ all bring the spooky feeling to the arrangement, the added sound of the wind just adds to the overall feeling of the piece.

The second part of the poem is recited as we approach the end of the arrangement, along with more dark added sounds, voices and a clock chiming to end. I love this dark side of Steve Sheppard coming through in the music; it’s very spooky, so maybe as he says, it is best to listen to with the lights on!

The Haunted Palace by Steve Sheppard is a great piece of music, not just for Halloween, but for those dark nights of winter too, and even maybe for a short video of movie clip, so I can see it doing well in the charts.

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