Thursday, October 19, 2023

Storm By Minna Ora




Minna Ora

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I must pass this to my eldest daughter; she is a rock fan and learning to speak Finnish. This new single by vocalist and guitarist Minna Ora might well suit her musical tastes, it certainly does mine. The lyrical talent is powerful and shows a strong form of rock that is much needed in these continuing days of trouble and strife.

Minna Ora states in her wonderfully inspiring song “Hear me shout, listen to me. I will not just break down at your feet. Hear me out; you’d better listen to me. I won’t surrender, I won’t give in.”

Storm as a song could drift across each age of humanity; reminding us of the lessons we have never learned from, however the message within this creative and powerful manifestation is perhaps even more insightful, as it is spoken from a place of confident decisiveness and love. The compositional structures are very well crafted and beautifully produced; this is strong and positive rock composition, one that may just make a difference to those with the good sense to obtain a copy for their musical collections.

A shout out must also be given to those who were also involved in the creation of this new release, they are: Tuulia Vihanto, Kämy Kämäräinen, Jussi Sinervo, Kari Ora, Jari Salo, Elma Kämäräinen, Juhana Suninen and Marie Strømnes.

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