Thursday, October 5, 2023

Next to Nowhere By Chasm


Next to Nowhere



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Chasm is an undeniable duo and also purveyors of sublime contemporary instrumental music, the blissful refrains from Next to Nowhere are a treat to the ears, a repetitive tale of classy influential music that will take the listener on an almost meditative journey of sorts.

This is one of those singles that simply begs to be listened to, the harmonic convergence of acoustic guitar flute and keyboards majestically manifest a musical realm that drifts across the valleys of time itself.

Mark Esakoff creates some memorable moments on this new single with his guitar, reminding me at times of segments found within glorious progressive rock tracks of the 1970’s, whilst Michael Whipple on both flute and keyboards brings a melodious and fluent timbre and tone into the proceedings.

This is most certainly one of those releases that will be played on repeat by many, it will be loved by fans and seekers of truly good instrumental music worldwide, and I have a sneaky feeling, this could be a huge chart hit for them also.

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