Thursday, October 19, 2023

COSMOS VI By David De Michele




David De Michele

Written by

Steve Sheppard


David De Michele is a prolific creator of quality electronic space music, so when it is announced that another new album is on offer, this is always a major event I really look forward to, and I am pleased to say that my journey through the stars via the medium of Cosmos VI the new album, was an utter delight that I enjoyed immensely.

The first track highlights the start of our own very universe; a small packed location in space and time would then soon expand though a Singularity, to the ever increasing reality we see today. Here the artist delivers a breath taking keyboard based composition, layered with harmonic vocalisations and swirling synths, where one could easily imagine the dark textures of a black hole and then into an ever changing singularity.

The cosmic winds of time allow us to drift into the next track with ease; a gentle synth leads the way, one that soon elevates its energies on the track Memories of Home. David’s sensitivity comes to the fore here, and with the delicate vocalisations and keyboard work, one can visualise how a new reality may well provoke thoughts of our home, our little blue marble of sorts, this is without doubt one of the most moving pieces from the album, and one that I am sure will make a playlist or two in weeks to come.

Novus is a stunning composition that seems to draw on the energies of a galactic birth, a star being born into the universe, new light and heat for a life somewhere. This Vangelis styled opus has a wonderfully powerful refrain, and a deeper vault of electronic wizardry, the slight pause and change at around the half way juncture is a brilliantly crafted moment of sheer genius, and changes the entire tonal ratio of the arrangement.

The next intelligent step after the previously sparkling manifestation is Inertia, a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state, here De Michele is at his electronic best, and pulls off a song that does exactly what it says on the can, it holds its course, and after the birth of a new star we are given a foundation with which to view its glory, this is a classy and crafted offering that is riveting to listen to.

Classic David De Michele is up next with the midway track Parallel Worlds, swirling synths, and angelic vocalisations are all setting the scene for a multi-universal creation. The delicious tempo and its careful progression is utterly enticing, this is one of those tracks that would be absolutely perfect for the opening of a Planetarium show. 

Fusion continues on from the last offering, but with a slightly calming musical narrative, the multi repeating modulation combined with the flowing synths made this a deeply interesting track, one could flow within its musical embrace, but then be utterly impressed by its change in direction and tone, a wonderfully clever piece indeed.

We now flow into the labyrinths of Indigo Blue World, another moving opus of emotive brilliance. This may well be one of the most expressive creations I have ever heard from the artist, the peak, flow, and harmonies, are coalescing into an abundance of reflective genius, the mood changes at just over the half way mark and morphs into a true Vangelis Albedo 0.39 moment; this is a startlingly powerful composition indeed.

It is inevitable that one day in the future we will find the subject matter of this track in Extraterrestrial, to paraphrase Mister Spock, “I like to believe that there are always possibilities.” indeed it is logical. However I am sure that even the cold blooded Vulcan would have loved every second of this masterful musical performance by the artist, one that is both insightful and inspiring, and is electronic space music at its very best.

Now time for a soundtrack event as we listen to Multiverse, this composition certainly does have the wow factor. This track in its content carries in a forward motion on from the piece Parallel Worlds in its musical postulation, one common assumption is that the multiverse is a patchwork quilt of separate universes all bound by the same laws of physics, whatever the outcome this philosophical theme has been a conduit of discussion since the times of the ancient Greeks. Perhaps De Michele has created the soundtrack for that debate in this splendidly powerful piece.

The last but one offering is entitled In the Silence of Space, it is hard to picture the vastness of the universe, let alone the entire cosmos, and in the most ambient creation from the album the artist achieves a classy juxtaposition, one that has the vibrancy of his electronic mastery, partnered with a softer fluency of a pastiche of incredibly superb synth work, this is a top notch track and would indeed make an excellent single release with its passionate and harmonic melodies.

So here comes the last composition and one that is also the longest piece off the release and quite proudly also the title track Cosmos VI. The unfathomed unlimited expanse of the universe may well be too much to comprehend, but through De Michele’s concluding creation, the final piece of the jigsaw may well have been found in its entire vibrational structure. This last manifestation of six and a half minutes is a blissful coalescence of both beauty and electronic artistic genius, and of course utterly the best way with which to conclude the album.

COSMOS VI by David De Michele is without a shadow of a doubt the artists most complex album thus far, however the base and foundations previously set still remain, but layer after layer of intelligently manifested work has been added on top. This is the artist at his best, at his most fluent, and at his most artistic. On COSMOS VI De Michele has clearly gone where no electronic musician has gone before, by manifesting music for the multiverse, the cosmos and the known universe into one startling brilliant album, this work really has to be supported by all who listen, and held up as one of the finest examples of electronic space music around today.

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