Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Stream of Oblivion By Victor Birkan



Stream of Oblivion


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is one thing that is for certain in the realm of solo piano, and it is that Victor Birkan always has something up his sleeve for every occasion, he is such a prolific composer and such a flourishing performer, when Birkan starts to play, every one stops to listen.

This most certainly can be said on his latest single Stream of Oblivion, which contains some of the most passionate and imploring musical narratives seen as of yet by the musician.

Birkan is a story teller; a musical magician of memorable and sometimes incredibly haunting piano tales, and here on this latest release, Birkan employs his trusty Felt Piano, and drives us down a much darker and reflective musical alley way. The construction of this composition allows the artist to drift and build from two different musical realms, with the lighter segments matching the darker ones with an enticing symbiosis of mood.

Stream of Oblivion by Victor Birkan flows like a deep river, one that is filled with expectation, reflection and emotional fortitude, this I would say it one of Birkan’s most powerful of pieces, and as such, it should be a huge hit with fans of the genre.

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