Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Be Brave By Wejfi


Be Brave



Written by

Steve Sheppard


New on the block to me is the artist Wejfi, but this brand new single is full of intent, intensity and purpose and called Be Brave. A tentative start explains the narrative of uncertainty and concern, the electronic mastery then builds and progresses to a point where a measure of confidence is literally palpable, and then towards the conclusion, a glorious outcome is found.

Here we can find an artfully created composition by the artist, one that takes the listener from its roots of sadness and hopelessness, to victory and success, somewhere most of us will have been at some stage in our lives.

The performance here by Wejfi is well thought-out, carefully paced with a constant build on tempo, and then adding, in the latter part of the song, some inspiring percussion, it sealed a truly clever new single release for the artist.

Be Brave by Wejfi is a soundtrack of a composition, one that grows and manifests as it goes and inspires. A very classy new instrumental electronic recording can be found here, one that contains a wonderful flowing vibrancy about its construction and musical narrative.

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