Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Shifting Sands – Extended (2023) By Fearful Symmetry


Shifting Sands – Extended (2023)


Fearful Symmetry

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It’s a wonderful thing to be back in your own back yard, but here I am, standing in it, and it feels good, I have been a progressive rock fan since the tree shook loose ELP; I remember a smile creping across my face back in 1972 when my mother called out that, supper was ready! So it is with utter glee that a single from the 2018 formed UK prog rock band Fearful Symmetry lands on my desktop and entitled Shifting Sands – Extended (2023).

There is so much in here that is familiar, good and refreshingly new; firstly the world and global fusion vibe is incredibly exciting, I have not heard anything as breath-taking since Afro Celt Sound System, with those eastern elements of world and global fusion, and new age artist Phil Thornton thrown in for good measure, mix that with superb pulsating percussion, riveting guitar work, that had the energies of a Rush inspired Lifeson and harmonic ethereal vocals, that flowed like the Nile in autumn.

This is a superior work of new progressive rock that deserves all the plaudits it can get, and shout outs must got to the band members Yael Shotts, Sharon Petrover and Suzi James for producing something so rhythmically compelling, and incredibly exciting.

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