Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Autumn Glory By James Marienthal


Autumn Glory


James Marienthal

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been blessed lately with some of the most beautiful compositional structures about the season of change in autumn, long may this continue, it is in my view the most wondrous season of the year. It is therefore my good fortune to be further blessed by another glorious new single on the subject, one by James Marienthal and entitled Autumn Glory.

The flute performer has manifested here some of the most compelling instrumental music on this time of year, we can literally stand in the ever changing forest with the artist, and listen to nature celebrate all around us, as the composer of this most fluent of reveries has carefully added such sweet natural sounds to his compositions, one’s which are perfectly balanced with his flute.

Autumn Glory by James Marienthal is a celebration of the season, it is a musical recognition of these wonderful months and the natural experiences we garner from them, his presentation on flute is tranquil, calming and centring, here is a flute performance that takes us to its location and allows us to fully enjoy its magical creation. This is without doubt one of the most enjoyable flute performances I have heard this year.

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