Friday, October 20, 2023

Dream Among Nature By RAF 21


Dream Among Nature


RAF 21

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I really never thought the day would come that I could be blown away by an albums utter beauty, after 25 years in the music business and hundreds of reviews later, here I am standing in the field of utter bliss with this latest creation by RAF 21 entitled, Dream Among Nature.

The opening of this album is something to behold, the natural sound of a bird calling draws a beautiful musical narrative of peace and tranquillity, through the keyboards and synths of the artist we are gifted a track that hovers like an early morning sunrise and then floats like the mist that’s burnt off on a sun kissed pond on a blissful June morning, and of course we are referring to the proud title track Dream Among Nature.

If ever an album was idyllic this is it, we have tracks like Self Empathy 3 that start with a delicious keyboard organ styled progression, the gentle waves of an ocean lapping up to the shores and kissing the sand with each tender caress, then we slip safely into the arms of Harmonic Senses where a deeper layer of calm can be found.

One truly special moment comes next, the last single from the artist in Peaceful Walk in the Forest, this dream like reverie floats across a sky of dreams, like a hot air balloon on an august afternoon, its hovering intensity reminding me of Ancient Hedgerows by Kevin Kendle and its harmonic fluent synths of Liquid Mind tracks throughout the ages, the natural sounds and visual landscaping done here by RAF 21 is nothing short of masterful genius.

The album is a blissful and happy 13 tracks long, with classic therapy styled offerings like Sea Waves Therapy, Healthy Rainfall feat Hertzsprung and Nature Relaxation, all of them so redolent of their various subject matters, and all of them so creatively intelligent and soothingly manifested.

The concluding offering  More Empty is really pretty emotional, but perhaps that’s just the release that I needed, the organ styled keyboards and natural sounds here I found were the perfect vehicle with which to leave this stunning project with, this is truly an album I am going to remember for an eternity.

Dream Among Nature by RAF 21 is an album that the world needs now more than ever, it is a blissful sanctuary of sound that soothes the mind and pacifies the soul, this is one of those albums that has a timeless refrain to its beautiful compositions, and I am sure it will be a release that will be a part of musical collections the world over forever. Dream Among Nature by RAF 21 surely must be a chart topping award winning album, it is that good. 

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