Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Estonia By Richard Theisen




Richard Theisen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The rise and return of New Age music continues to amaze me, it makes me glad to see that this genre is alive and kicking, and this new instrumental offering from Richard Theisen is making some major headway with listeners around the globe, so let’s now journey with this colourful new pastiche of music entitled Estonia.

The fluency of this release is something to marvel, we just seem to swim from one beautiful composition to the next in a tapestry of textured bliss. Magical examples of this are the delightful refrains of the opening piece Freya's Tears, a song that climbs high, raises the emotions and inspires, and the dream like rhapsodies of Brezien Dreams, a track, as a Greek mythologist I found fascinating, but Theisen beautifully portrayed what we do know of this goddess of dreams and the ocean within the Greek Pantheon, quite exquisitely.

The entire album transfixes the listener, its encapsulating tones are lush and embracing, with the colourful title track Estonia shining proud, and offerings like Goldenwulf floating with an ethereal intensity, we really do have it all to enjoy on this new release from the artist.

The folk ethics of Lavinia are utterly mesmeric, whilst tracks like Rivermyst draw a wonderfully romantic tone into the proceedings; the delightful piano has served Theisen well over the years, and his multi-instrumental talents are abundant in all its glory within this stunning new album.

The concluding pieces are the mysterious and darker energies of Nordic Whispers, a piece where the keyboards and added instrumentation cry out of the borderlands of time itself, while the final parting gift of Twilight gives us a sensitive and centred offering, to literally float out of the release with, a song with a delightfully meditative nuance within its manifestation, but one that contains a certain harmonic bliss to enjoy as well.

Estonia by Richard Theisen is one of those albums that assures you that all is very well indeed in the realms of instrumental music, this is a quality album that not only hits all the right notes, but its intelligent build and progression, along with it’s calming and wonderfully artistic influence is both soothing, and inspiring, and for me is without doubt one of the most original and creative albums I have listened to this year with utter ease. 

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