Friday, October 20, 2023

Dawn's First Breath By Ryan Judd


Dawn's First Breath


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The art of creating ambient soundscapes is a delicate procedure, a method that takes time to mature, and Ryan Judd has most certainly done that. Here on this brand new single he once more manifests a perfect slice of ambience with Dawn's First Breath.

Judd for me personally, is one of those extremely rare acoustic guitarists that I could listen to on repeat for hours, and this new offering is a fine example of why I feel that way, he caress the strings, he allows the music to flow like a fine wine and he manifests a beautiful tone with which we can simply float off into peace filled reveries with.

The technique of creating a soothing narrative like this is patience, fluency, and going within, to go with the moment; the result is that with this serene synth back drop and the acoustic bliss, I believe that Ryan Judd is building a legacy for himself, which will have so much benefit for all those who listen to songs like Dawn's First Breath, a song that draws such a tranquil narrative of an early morning reality, this is musical meditation at its very best, and some of the best ambient guitar that has been produced in the last decade with ease.

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