Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Primal Memories By Al Solbjor & George Penedo


Primal Memories


Al Solbjor & George Penedo

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a gentle softness to this October day which is incredibly calming, and this brand new single, Primal Memories by Al Solbjor & George Penedo, just adds to that ambience, and manifests a moment of pure peace and serenity; the gentle combination of flute and drum is just what is needed as the seasons change.

This is a classic convergence of a harmonic bliss; the pairing have indeed brought something of great beauty into the world, the flutes soothing narrative drifts on the cadence of the day, and each and every note of this stunning new single is much appreciated.

There is an underpinned rhythm here that whilst vital to the overall construction of the composition, hides itself within the confines of the deeply haunting, and fluent brilliance of a creative meditative experience. Here also lies a piece of music that would be utterly ideal for a journeying session, or whilst in nature, where one can truly appreciate those Primal Memories.

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