Friday, October 6, 2023

Acoustic Oasis By Shambhu


Acoustic Oasis



Written by

Steve Sheppard


A new Shambhu release is always something to look forward to, a whole slice of calm and serenity will be coming your way on the pressing of the play button, here on this brand new album entitled Acoustic Oasis, the guitarist has manifested 10 incredible songs, one specifically would even inspire me beyond what I thought possible, but first let’s start our sojourn with the new release as we set sail on our very own acoustic ocean.

Lumina starts our musical journey, here is a piece that I totally adored, Shambhu’s use of pause here was remarkable, the major minor feel was also a wonderment to enjoy, and indeed a sublime start to any acoustic voyage.

The next track is called Lazy Afternoon a composition that allows you to kick back and enjoy the day as an observer. The performance by Shambhu here is so redolent of the subject matter, the slow paced presentation, the easy laid back vibe, simply put this is blissful.

Shades of Light is another scenic pastiche of textures and colours, there is a gentleness here that is to be admired. As an acoustic performance goes, this is sun kissed and almost jazz like in its creative expression at times, songs like this one are extremely rare, so it’s best to enjoy moments of descriptive brilliance and artistic genius like this when they occur, and just be totally in the moment with them.

On Pathway the artist is on home territory, the sound of a sublime guitar calmly echoes though the musical forest in a timeless repose, indeed this is what Shambhu is so very good at, making music that is seemingly beyond borders, and with each manifestation a new realm of serenity is born.

Sunscape continues the theme set by the last track and its melodious harmonies reminds me of artists like Vin Downes or even Will Ackerman, there is something about this track that would be very easy to create lyrics for and its light hearted reverie builds a moment of happiness as it plays.

So here it is, that moment I hinted at in my opening gambit, this is without doubt my favourite all time track of Shambhu and called Inner Light, I have to admit I have listened to this piece alone at least 5 times now and it’s amazing. Here one can find a level of expectancy, a feeling even of apprehension and an essence of a mysterious revelation about to be found. The performance and guitar work is masterful, and the slow carful tempo using the minor structures simply blew me away on the most atmospheric track off the release.

Winding Road is a road trip composition; I could imagine travelling through the countryside to this one with ease, as Shambhu once again illustrates his skill set of being able to perfectly manifest a pictorial image and scene within his music. The onward motion and uplifting energy of this presentation was utterly splendid.

We now swim into the deeper waters of the release as we reach the shoreline of the track Afternoon Rye. This is another very easy on the ears creation from the artist, one that could easily illustrate for me pulling back the curtains, opening the windows and watching the day unfurl around you, the serenity that the guitarist brings here is vast and deeply relaxing.

The penultimate track off the album is the beautiful Love Garden, harmonic, layered and delicate; its warm and tender performance reminds me in part of Australian artist Ian Cameron Smith. This is such a colourful and heartfelt performance, and the additional keyboards here were also a valuable supplement, manifesting a multi-layered and instrumental composition of the highest quality.

The final creation is called Angel Blue and is the perfect ending arrangement; this pretty last manifestation has a serene feel to its construction, and its sweet closing narrative is a total pleasure for each and every listener.

Acoustic Oasis by Shambhu is a bright and sun kissed new release that will bring many miles of peace and musical serenity into your life, here is an album of instrumental superiority and artist genius. I can imagine those sensible enough to purchase this compilation of creativity and calm will be in a heavenly state of bliss for ever. Instrumental guitar music really doesn’t come any better than Acoustic Oasis by Shambhu, here within lays a whole wonderland of tranquillity on the bed of one of the best acoustic guitar performances of the year.

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