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We Share The Moon By Lissa Coffey & David Vito Gregoli



We Share The Moon


Lissa Coffey & David Vito Gregoli

Written by

Steve Sheppard


We can remember with great fondness Song Devine by Lissa Coffey & David Vito Gregoli, it was one of the biggest hits of 2021 and remained in the charts and the minds of good musical followers the globe over for seemingly an age, well the partnership of divine inspiration are back with another album entitled We Share The Moon.

This journey of plenty starts with the opening composition entitled Written All Over Your Face, and featuring the vocal talents of feat Leela Ladnie, this vibrant modern upbeat song gifts us as listeners a chance to bathe in the sonic realms of a globally fused devotional inspired composition.

We can follow that up with the title song, We Share The Moon (feat Leela and Cooper Ladnier) this has to be one of my personal favourites from the album. The softness of this creation is so palpable; its melodic structures are deeply moving and visual, and the key change and energy uplift of the chorus was equally sublime.

I Surrender could well be a vital composition for the world in this day and age, time to let it go and drop the baggage as Mitten used to sing back in the day. The vocals of Ladnie are featured in this fine multi-instrumental composition, the onward progression of the percussion and the flavoursome sitar brought a wonderful texture to the piece.

Net of Love (feat Donna De Lory) is up next and this driving piece has an almost folk element to its construction at times, but one that has a deep anthem like motif. The powerful vocals add much to the weight of the song and this could very well be a hit single if released as such. There is a great strength to be found on this most exciting of manifestations, but it would also be good to remember in De Lory they have a singer who has performed on the highest of stages with artists like Madonna, and featured on many hit albums from artists like Carly Simon and Bette Midler.

We Share The Moon by Lissa Coffey & David Vito Gregoli is music inspired by the words of Rumi, Hafiz, Mirabai and others, and the energies of this exciting collection of motivational muses is further highlighted at the half way marker with the track Listen (feat N. Nicole Gilbert) a truly beautiful ballad, the enthusing lyrics and vocals are wonderfully encouraging.

Something In Between sees the return of vocalist Leela Ladnie and with that she contributes her lush tones to one of the most chilled tracks from the album; this song is as easy as a cumulus cloud on a May afternoon, as it drifts across the landscape of eternity.

This beauty of a track is followed up by Krishna Govinda, as we move ever onwards into this abundant release. The deft percussive elements here make this track for me, on a sublime devotional offering, one that has a sumptuous and bubbly pop ethic to its construction.

Like Ambrosia (feat Leela and Cooper Ladnier) takes us under the bridge of brilliance, and this quite imploring bhajan shines like the noon day summer sun, the construction of the verse towards the chorus reminds me of the UK prog band Renaissance at times, but its delightful progression is a respectful and calming opus of plenty, like Ambrosia itself.

The penultimate offering from the album is entitled All I Thought Was Mine and features Leela Ladnier and Geoffrey Gordon. There is a delightfully mysterious flow about this offering that is so enticing, and the upbeat tempos with their reflective projections are sublime to be a part of as a listener.

The final gift from Lissa Coffey & David Vito Gregoli and this amazing new release is Maha Mantra (feat Vishvambhar Sheth, Venu Bhanot, Pankaj Mishra). David Vito Gregoli also stars in many roles and instrumentations on this track and this album, and it should indeed be noted as the following list will no doubt illustrate that he is most certainly instrumentally prolific, with contributions on drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, percussion, Indian percussion, keyboards, piano, Irish bouzouki, and backing vocals.

We Share The Moon by Lissa Coffey & David Vito Gregoli is indeed the follow up to the star studded and ultra-successful Song Devine, but here on this latest release we have an album that is equally as spiritually minded, but may even be more accessible to the first time listener, and as such this new release will be sure to sail up the charts as did its predecessor, and in doing so bring joy and comfort to all who listen to its musical messages. 

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