Thursday, February 1, 2024

Cascading Matter - Being in Between By Raphael Sommer & Mandach Naran


Cascading Matter - Being in Between


Raphael Sommer & Mandach Naran

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I sometimes really revel in the delights of powerful and explorative classical and neo-classical music arrangements, but in my view this master work by Raphael Sommer & Mandach Naran goes far beyond even that, this is a composition that crosses genres and entwines vibrations of life and energies of an inner void of musical contemplation.

Cascading Matter - Being in Between is a piece that has all the dramatic hallmarks of a sublime cinematic offering, but also within the weave of this dramatic offering we can find a sense of ambience and minimalistic gestures, that perhaps remind me of composers like David Lang and his work on his release, The Passing Measures.

This has to be one of the most commanding classical manifestations I have listened to for decades; its dominant orchestration is palpable, but even so, this gives way to an ethereal choir, in the way that winter oceans give way to the sands on a December beach.

If like Lang’s work, this arrangement had a 40 minute plus time frame I would not have minded, I would have immersed myself within its stylish tone and timbre as I do now with this illustrious piece, this is a composition for the ages and for those who truly enjoy top notch classically inspired music, which makes it very easy to recommend Cascading Matter - Being in Between by Raphael Sommer & Mandach Naran.

If you enjoy watching the videos to music, then you can find it here on YouTube: 

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