Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Vivid Dreams Of Love By Piano Lilium & Cynthia Lim 林意


Vivid Dreams Of Love


Piano Lilium & Cynthia Lim 林意

Written by

Steve Sheppard


We take two modern solo pianists; combine their talents, their energies and textures, and the resulting composition is one that is so filled with passion and colour, it is literally palpable to touch and feel the appetite within.

Vivid Dreams Of Love by Piano Lilium & Cynthia Lim 林意 manifests for us always eager listeners, a moment of solo piano duality that is simply sublime, and rates as a splendid collaboration of both style, and a desire of creating something so filled with love.

The touches of both pianists are a master class of musical fire and water, of panache and elegance, with the flourishing notes cascading from both pianos, and then the symbiotic nature of the composition manifests a gentle onward stream of musical awareness to thoroughly enjoy.

For me personally I adore the creative minor chords and structures, which are then in turn lifted by one of the most amazingly talented of symbiotic performances, with that being said, I can see the legions of piano music fans around the globe eating this one up with utter joy, this is truly special and should not be missed.

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