Friday, February 2, 2024

Kinetic By DM Ascension




DM Ascension

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The instrumental flavours run deep in this jazzy new single from DM Ascension entitled Kinetic; this is certainly a tonal delight of rich summer evenings to be had in a future filled with musical fun. Kinetic in fact crosses several genres along the way, and is a piece that is also incredibly addictive too.

The gentle electric piano starts our smooth Jazz journey off with a confident forward moving energy, a little flute mixed with a sensitive percussive feel adds so much to this startlingly beautiful and fluent composition.

DM Ascension creates some clever instrumental pieces, but I truly believe that with Kinetic it is the best work of the artist thus far, and will have the musical legs that will travel on listener’s playlists and radio shows right up until the end of summer, here is a song that is packed with cool energy and a happy refrain and one not to be missed.

Kinetic by DM Ascension is going to be a chart hit from start to finish, and if you are looking for a chilled, instrumental, smooth jazz styled offering, then you would do no better than this sparkling new single by DM Ascension called Kinetic.

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