Friday, March 1, 2024

Walk Together By Masako


Walk Together



Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is good to hear the splendid tones of Masako back on the scene and with a brand new single entitled Walk Together, this is a piece that will brighten your day and leave those winter blues far in the distance behind you, the pianist is also joined by a plethora of other outstanding artists too in Tom Eaton, Will Ackerman with Vin Downes on guitars, then add Noah Wilding and Jeff Haynes into the mix, and you are guaranteed a happy success.

This is a beautiful composition from the artist, her warming performance on piano illustrates a perfect walk on an idyllic spring day; the compositional structure of the arrangement literally gifts the listener a moment of calm reflection and tranquillity, and in today’s climate, that cannot be a bad thing can it.

The mood of the piece is enhanced wonderfully by the ensemble of artists, from ethereal vocalisations, to soft and sumptuous acoustic guitar performances, with a sensitive percussive element added into this most charming of mixes.

I think Masako has created a winner here, I can see this timeless reverie of nature, peace and harmony being in the minds of instrumental fans across the globe for many years, and I will say from a personal standpoint, this is one of the finest instrumental singles I have heard this year with ease, and yes, this just has to be a guaranteed hit on the charts.

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