Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Immerse By Timothy Wenzel




Timothy Wenzel

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Timothy Wenzel has long been an instrumentalist whose music has always resonated with me; it is a radiant joy each time I get the honour of reviewing his latest album release. That joy glows brighter than the noon day sun today as I swim through the musical water courses of an incredibly beautifully new collection of stunning arrangements called, Immerse.

Firstly the art work is always going to draw one to the album, Timothy always manifests truly colourful and meaningful covers, this one resonated with me specifically, as it reminds me of a coastal area I like to go to here in Cyprus, during the winter it is particularly ambient and quiet, I like it then best of all.

The opening start of this journey of great tone and timbre begins with the lush textures of The Gale, an exciting piece that contains a creative and artistic flow of a composition that one can enjoy with ease, this flows gently into the open arms of one of my personal favourite pieces off the release entitled Hello My Friend, where a warm tapestry of sound drifts beautifully into and onto the senses of the grateful listener.

This new release is a 12 track masterpiece of patience, mood, feeling, and sensitivity to the moment, and a skill set of adding further quality musicians into the mix of various songs, on this album you will find a veritable plethora of instrumental genius in artists like, Tom Carleno (acoustic guitar), David Cullen (electric guitar), Graham Cullen (cello), Jill Haley (English horn), Jeff Haynes (percussion), and Josie Quick (violin) each in their own right quality instrumentalists.

Tracks like My Siren created waves of supreme compositional structure to bathe in, and the strings and vocalisations add a little Celtic motif into the essence of the offering, whilst more grounded pieces like River, Hills and Sky gave the listener a slice of acoustic magic, and a piece that had all the hallmarks of a 70’s pop song in the making, and one that would possibly make a good single release in today’s market.

There are several tracks here that resonate with me, this one especially and entitled Nightfall at Avebury, now I have visited Stonehenge many times, but never got around to Averbury, but it is a beautiful location, and this song is equally as beautiful and its hovering sense of mystery, wonderfully composed and performed.

The acoustic narrative is strong in the concluding track called Thank You for Your Smile, and its mournful yet reflective refrains show just what a good keyboardist Wenzel is on the most perfect of all final pieces, the electric guitar of Cullen sealing the deal completely.

This fantastic new offering from Timothy Wenzel is like a breath of fresh air in the new age music industry, when Timothy releases an album he always seems to come up with something special, and with this brand new album entitled Immerse we truly do have something idyllic and heart-warming to listen to. I don’t need a crystal ball to predict the up and coming success of Immerse on the charts, as this one is a sure fire hit with absolute ease.

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