Tuesday, February 13, 2024

My Prayer For Peace By Louis Colaiannia


My Prayer For Peace


Louis Colaiannia

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are some creators of music that work with a hint of musical colour and explore wondrous avenues of musical narration; there are others that utilise simplicity and a gentle form, and from its initial inception go on to manifest some meaningfully impressive music.

Here pianist composer Louis Colaiannia has done all of that and more with the release of his latest single My Prayer For Peace. The multi-dimensional facets of this new composition are delightful and very sensitively performed by the artist, so much so that one is lulled into a state of peace whilst listening.

We must all hope for peace, and we can only put out the energy for that into the cosmos, for that desire to come to fruition. Here the artist with his trusty piano, one that has served him so well over the years, combined with lush string sections and added instrumentation, manifests the perfect musical prayer of thought and a potential chance of a positive outcome with the stylish arrangement of this new release.

There can be no doubt that Louis Colaiannia is a composer of meaningful creations and here on My Prayer For Peace, he gives us his soundtrack for that hopeful event, and a song that is simply destined for great things in the charts and a delight for his fans the world wide.

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