Wednesday, February 7, 2024

When We Met By Neil Tatar


When We Met


Neil Tatar

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Neil has been exploring his piano narrative for a while now, and on this new single called When we Met he brings a little multi-instrumental nature into the manifestation of the arrangement, with the luscious violin of non-other than the living legend that is, Charlie Bisharat.

The soft delicate vibrations of this new single are so pleasing to the ear, heart, mind and soul, they are a musical delicacy that brings the listener an opportunity to sample the birth of something new perhaps, something fresh to your world; the innocence of the timbre of this charming single says it all for me.

Tatar’s soft touch on the keys are well matched by Bisharat’s sensitive performance on violin, this two have a literal symbiotic connection to bring the listener a view of something deeply moving but utterly heartfelt, one could easily use this beautiful new piece at a new sunrise, or even a sunset, as each are as unique as the other.

When We Met by Neil Tatar is a delightful and warm new creation; it should be loved by fans of truly good instrumental music world wide, and also by those who are seeking a refuge or a veritable musical sanctuary to rest within, and find a little loving peace, this one is top notch and of the highest quality.

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