Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Forward Direction by Craigology


Forward Direction



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Forward Direction is the latest single release from then abundant river of music from Craigology. This piano and keyboard based offering has an addictive quality about its presentation; the hovering string sections offer a darker side to this most compelling musical narrative.

The key change at the 50 second marker is elevating and offers another level of texture to the ever onward composition, and raises the rhythm and intent of the arrangement completely; one could see this being used in a TV series to emphasise change and the determination and the desire to do so.

The performance by Craigology is tight and controlled cleverly, then at the half way juncture expands into a forceful composition that has all the hallmarks of a possible hit single for the artist.

Simply put if you’re a fan of piano and keyboard based music that takes you on journey with its narrative of mystery and imagination, then Forward Direction by Craigology should be added to your playlist of choice immediately. 

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