Thursday, February 1, 2024

Dreams and Shadows BY Victor Birkan


Dreams and Shadows


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The master of felt piano Victor Birkan is back with another single and this time he glances into the world of Dreams and Shadows, this has to one of Victors most textured offerings to date, the explorative style starts in a tentative tone, but soon embraces his new found reality.

Dreams and the shadows they create can affect our day time perambulations as well, and within the mid-section of this sensitive arrangement one can feel the tone sharpen, become deeper, as if reality has taken hold, perhaps in a waking moment, but then the performances falls softly back to its previous timbre as sleep once more takes control.

Victor Birkan is the creator of some inventive and artistic creations and on this new single he shows his more cautious artistic persona, as if the listener is literally walking in a dream state and unsure of what may lie around the next corner.

This one should pacify those who adore solo piano and wish to be taken on a journey through music. Victors skill set on this instrumentation is delightfully relative, and as such, he should be able to add to that list of ever showing hits with ease, Dreams and Shadows.

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