Thursday, February 1, 2024

Native Rose By Jan Michael Looking Wolf


Native Rose


Jan Michael Looking Wolf

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It’s wonderful to hear to hear Jan Michael Looking Wolf back with acoustic guitar in hand and of course his trusty flute by his side and with the release of the single entitled Native Rose he takes us an a wonderfully fluent and attractive singer songwriter journey.

The acoustic nature of the beginning settles the listener into a blissful five minutes plus of a remarkably almost folk rock styled composition, one that has great power, passion and intensity and with the artists flowing vocals and with their imploring tone, we are gifted something incredibly special from a man who has done so much for many within the world of music.

Lyrically this song, and at times the vocals too, remind me of early Neil Diamond on his Tap Root Manuscript album from 1970, the more acoustic nature would naturally bring such a comparison, but here the added flute and delicate harmonies towards a bliss-filled end, create something really warm and colourful.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf is one of those musicians that you utterly look forward to hearing music from when it’s announced they have new material out, as such this composition, Native Rose, should be one that his fans and lovers of really good unplugged music should flock to in great numbers, it is that good.

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