Thursday, January 11, 2024

Winterfelt Piano By James Michael Stevens


Winterfelt Piano


James Michael Stevens

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the most prolific pianists currently is James Michael Stevens; his creative muse is alight with fresh and new compositions for us to enjoy, but today James has gone one further, and taken the felt piano to new heights with his latest release entitled Winterfelt Piano, in a remarkable new collection of very creative compositions.

This album for me is remarkable, as I have struggled with felt piano music, but here on this brand new offering the artist has brought to life a style and a performance that is not only deeply listenable, but is very addictive too; tracks like the opening piece simply entitled No.1 are mesmeric, and a haunting quality that you would likely find in a Tim Burton movie soundtrack can be found here as well.

Each of the 10 pieces are numbered as such, and the whole experience is simply beautiful and at times transcendent in an energetic sense, tracks that hooked me in this way would be the ever uplifting narrative of No.3 and the charm and warmth of No5, a delightful combination of crafted keys, chords and notes can be found here.

James has manifested such a depth of tranquillity in this album that when one listens to its contents, we can instantly find that sweet calm spot and just go with the flow into a piano heaven; arrangements of note with regard to this would be the offering No.8 where a crisp light refrain can be found, with an icy crystalline motif, whilst the concluding track off the album in No.10 was sublime at creating a deeper more thoughtful reflective moment of piano pleasure.

This is an album that once it has you hooked it’s likely to never let you go, there can also be no doubt that James Michael Stevens is one of the most contemplative pianists around today, one can always be assured that when a new album is on offer, that the quality contained within is going to be of the highest level, as such I can see a very big hit being on the cards for Winterfelt Piano by James Michael Stevens, as in my view, and I don’t say this lightly, this album represents the best ever presentation of a felt piano performance that I personally have ever heard. 

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