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Respite: Music For Healing By Fred Grenot


Respite: Music For Healing


Fred Grenot

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Since Fred Grenot’s return to the new age music scene we have witnessed what may be the rebirth of the much loved music genre, Fred’s works have so far been absolutely splendid, deeply calming and beautifully produced, and it is within his work that we musically ramble today, and through the medium of an album called Respite: Music For Healing.

The opening piece is one of the most soothing musical narratives that Fred has ever published, and the crafted use of pause to elevate the tone and timbre on the opening piece called Unearthing is nothing more than genius, on an opening composition that sets the scene perfectly for a wondrously cathartic journey.

The following arrangement of great clarity and comfort is entitled Oubaitori, a Japanese word that loosely encourages individuals to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness. Fred’s performance on synths and keyboards does just that and much more, in a tranquil composition of blissful serenity.

The illustrious title track is now upon us in Respite, an early chord change within this piece sets a wonderfully fluent vista of sound and peace, the elevation of tone here is simply idyllic and utterly beautiful, this is some of the finest synth work I have heard in this style of music since the days of Steven Halpern or Liquid Mind, if you love those two, you will adore this.

There is a slight shift on this next piece that is very illuminating, the track is called Loved Ones Remembered, there is an energy in this composition that reminded me of ambient artist Laraaji and his Day of Radiance album, but within this track there is also a deeper level touched that has a certain Eno quality to its construction that makes it so very addictive to listen to, and to allow the music to wash over oneself.

We now take a tentative step into the latter half of the album and as we do so we come across a piece entitled Universe Unknown. Fred does indeed manifest a vast composition here that simply floats like a stellar nursery through the outer reaches of the musical galaxy. The synth and keyboard performance here has a duality about its construction that I adore, acknowledging the openness of the universe, whilst retaining a carefully constructed sense of mystery within the piece too.

This nine track album of ultra-healing properties now takes us on another course, this time to an offering called Katharsis. Never a better title has been given to a track that delivers so much healing and serenity, the deep tones of this specific piece would easily be the point when a listener would arrive at the portal of both release and healing, this piece alone is deeply touching by itself.

Omoiyari is our next sonic bath of delight and this is another Japanese word, but meaning sympathy and empathy, something we all should have in a balanced way, here Fred’s construction of this piece is like receiving permission to just close ones eyes relax and let go, and the keyboards and synths of the artist creates the perfect canvas with which to do just that.

The last but one creation is like a musical warm bath in a room illuminated by candles, the title is Chrysalis and perhaps alludes to our opportunity to break free from our self-imposed shell that protects us from hurt, and blossom into something far greater. The slow tempo here is amazing, the decrease in energy is artistically manifested to allow the listener to take the lead role and make the change to a track of dream like proportions.

We now conclude this journey with the artist and his brand new album with the final offering entitled At Ease. This is exactly what we are at this last juncture, this is the ultimate piece of the healing jigsaw, Grenot’s masterful ability to once more slow things down is utterly sublime, and once again the listener can be allowed to slowly awaken and feel a sense of total calm and peace.

Respite: Music For Healing by Fred Grenot is without doubt the best healing styled album I have heard for simply ages. The magic that the musician creates with his keyboards and synths is nothing short of miraculous; I would very much doubt there is a single listener in the world who would still feel stressed after listening to this new release of Fred’s, and as such I am more than willing to bet this is the start of something new and massive in the new age industry for Fred Grenot and through the medium of this incredible album Respite: Music For Healing it all starts, massive chart placements, and awards are simply sure to follow, but most of all, anyone who listens to this album has the opportunity to let go, enjoy and revel in some of the best synth, keyboard based new age music you are likely to have heard for absolutely decades.

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