Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Crossroads By Paul Vens & Friends




Paul Vens & Friends

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There have been many songs with the title of Crossroads, one from a blues artist that is still a standard today, and then there is a crafted folk styled almost pop narrative that has been recently released by Paul Vens and his friends, one that takes us in a totally different direction, one that has a certain charm and beauty all of its own.

This new single from Paul is easily the most commercial I have ever heard from the artist, and should be much loved by not only the folk community, but also by the lovers of new age music too, this is a very enjoyable musical offering that illustrates perhaps that we all come to a Crossroads within our lives, and then decisions therefore have to be made.

The percussion and guitar driven narrative within this new single is truly excellent and makes for some good listening, the melodic structure and the elevated chorus line reminded me slightly of how Dire Straits used to create such arrangements in the 80’s, but the added female vocalisations add an extra level to the song along with the strings, which enhance the overall composition wonderfully.

Crossroads by Paul Vens & Friends is well worth a listen, it is without doubt one of the finest works I have heard thus far from the artist, and as such it would not surprise me if a really good chart position wasn’t found for it, as this song is both very addictive and beautifully manifested.

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