Thursday, January 18, 2024

Oltremare By Mihail Tarlev




Mihail Tarlev

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The haunting refrains of this latest offering from Mihail Tarlev floated over me this morning, I thought about the days when I travelled extensively, and I pondered my current location to that of my family, and understood that this title and its contents created a mini soundtrack for those mental perambulations of mine.

Oltremare whilst being a colour is an Italian word that means overseas, and regarding myself that is totally true, Tarlev has also manifested on felt piano a very listenable and captivating arrangement, one I have listened to at least seven times in a row now.

The gentle and emotive performance is smooth and beautifully performed, and leaves one with a mood of passive reflection and acceptance. I have been hearing some encouraging creations on felt recently, and this track is certainly one of the most accomplished and enjoyable this year with ease.

Oltremare by Mihail Tarlev is a romantic composition, one that almost captures the tenderness and delicate structures of compositions penned by the master Felix Mendelssohn, this piece is utterly beautiful and should indeed be a big hit for anyone who desires to be filled with music that is both exquisite in tone, and in timbre.

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