Monday, January 15, 2024

The Courage of Despair Orchestral (Tribute to Ukraine) By Paul Long


The Courage of Despair Orchestral (Tribute to Ukraine)


Paul Long

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The utter pointlessness of war, the devastation, and the misery it unfurls upon countless families and individuals is graphically shown in this latest neo-classical styled opus by musician Paul Long, and all within his latest single The Courage of Despair Orchestral (Tribute to Ukraine).  This powerful and emotive composition resonates through the halls of desperation and echoes across the deserted wastelands of military strife, and is a veritable soundtrack of courage in the face of great despair.

Paul orchestral composition is a deep well of emotion that rides on the back of a conflict that like Vietnam seems never ending, however through music one can always find something to heal the moment, to gain strength from the darkness of days. The slow almost Pavane like construction illustrates the subject matter perfectly, but as always there is something vast and never ceasing that lies beneath the tones, one power that is the undeniable, the strength and courage of the human spirit.

I believe that Paul Long has created that aforementioned spirt within the confines of his new offering, and as such this mood filled and passionate piece should resonate with the listeners, and hopefully like me, move them greatly. This should be one track that will rise to the top and be recognised for the anthem it could truly be. 

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