Thursday, January 25, 2024

Emigrate by Russ McRee




Russ McRee

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A new name heads my way with this brand new single entitled Emigrate by guitarist Russ McRee, in an exciting new composition which has a wonderfully cogent and fluent sense of multi-instrumentalism and artistry contained within. Russ on guitar makes magic, as his fast paced arrangement flows like a summer tide across the landscapes of a new land of musical colour.

The added percussion and keyboards gave the guitar based piece extra layers of musical dimensions that had passion, power and a slight intensity into the mix also, this is a song that will generate a level of excitement and anticipation, and the whole ethos and energy of the single reminds me of when I emigrated back in 2014 to my new country of Cyprus, the sense of a new journey in a new life is palpable within the constraints of this classy composition.

Emigrate by Russ McRee is an up-tempo instrumental guitar based offering of great quality, with certain sun kissed continental flavours whipped into a mix of fervent fun and excitement, this is indeed a stylish new creation by the artist, one that I think should do extremely well in the charts, and also within the hearts and minds of the enthusiastic listener.

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