Thursday, January 18, 2024

If Only Once More by Seeking The Sublime & Shere Fraser


If Only Once More


Seeking The Sublime & Shere Fraser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


When you have had an incredibly stress filled day or week, and lately that’s been the way for us here, for months now actually, its music like this that you turn to, with a combination of gentle piano and delicate thoughtful flute Seeking The Sublime & Shere Fraser gave me a moment of calm serenity though the medium of their latest single If Only Once More, an incredibly sensitive new offering from the duo.

This new single took me back to the golden age of new age music, when artists like Lanz and Oldfield ruled the roots; the harmonic keyboards create a mild, but pertinent orchestration, whist the flute of Fraser is some of the most tranquil and charming offerings from that instrument I have heard for some time.

This is new age music at its very best, and whenever there is new music on offer from this partnership, you just know it is going to be, not just good, but utterly great, in my view they have even surpassed that, and in doing so brought to the world a new single that is a cathartic, emotional and heartfelt journey of great joy respect and gratitude.

If Only Once More by Seeking The Sublime & Shere Fraser must surely be a massive hit on the charts, and a huge panacea of peace for all who have the good sense to embrace its beautiful tones.

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