Thursday, January 11, 2024

Beneath the Moon By Pamela Mortensen


Beneath the Moon


Pamela Mortensen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new song and single by Pamela Mortensen is a rare treat, the new age and folk styled vibrations that come from Beneath the Moon are much appreciated, and the sweetness of the creation and its narrative doubly so. At times this song pulled me back to the 70’s with some of the more acoustic progressive rock elements, and bands like Renaissance would spring to mind.

The appeal within this quite outstanding song is the freedom contained within, we willingly complicate our lives with both technology and drama, and seemingly forget the simply things that life has to offer, the things that are always there, like walking Beneath the Moon, feeling the wind on our faces, and the sun on our bodies, all free and uncomplicated.

Pamela Mortensen’s song therefore is perhaps a timely reminder to us all to slow down and enjoy what we have whilst we still have it, and perhaps be grateful for it as well; the guitar, the vocals and production quality make this new single utterly superior and deeply listenable, and the tone and timbre from its arrangement is both uplifting and meditative, this for me is a must buy or stream for fans of real music from a very real musician, and it gets a total thumbs up from me.

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