Friday, January 19, 2024

A Day On Venus By Michelle Qureshi


A Day On Venus


Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are few around today that completely understand what ambient music actually is, and is about, however those few who do exist are at the top of their game, and probably the most successful female artist among them is Michelle Qureshi, and her latest offering of sublime music called A Day On Venus is that wonderful moment of ambient bliss we have all been waiting for with utter joy.

Here we have an album packed with 18 tracks of transcendent music, and each piece, each composition, will transport you to a place of peace and serenity with the ease of a new dawn, like the opening manifestation entitled Stars By The Pocketful. Never before has such musical delicacy created so much, with each note played on Qureshi’s acoustic guitar being a drop of sweet nectar from the gods of Olympus themselves, this was the perfect start for the album and reminded me in part of a classical guitarist friend of mine in Jason Carter.

There are many tracks that are familiar to us as they were originally released as singles, such as the indigenous mood of pieces like Luminous Fields, which sees the artist back on her flute, a favourite of mine in the delicious Belonging Here, a mood filled opus with reflections from the days of songs like Stairway To Heaven, and the Latin vibes of the mystical Mayan Trails, among many others single releases on this quite amazing album.

Qureshi’s skill set is rare, she has that amazing ability to manifest musical soundtracks to simple everyday events and make them literally come alive, like the piece Light Rain. While on the penultimate track off the album the lady of pure ambience manifests something incredibly special via the composition Wondrous, and indeed it is, combining elements of guitar, synths and keyboards, in what could easily be the start to a classic progressive rock manifestation, here is a woman who is so in tune with her muse it is a delightful thing to see and hear.

The conclusion to this vast and creative body of work comes in the guise of the final gift Walk At Dusk, a gentle acoustic guitar track to ease the soul and calm the mind, a delightfully classy way with which to leave this splendid album.

 A Day On Venus by Michelle Qureshi is the release many of us have been waiting eagerly to hear, there are 18 tracks of outstanding natural beauty here for you to enjoy, and each and every one of them has a mood, a tale, a tone and a dimension of relaxation for you to simply fall into and enjoy.

This must be Michelle Qureshi’s finest work to date; this is an instrumental paradise that even Milton wouldn’t have lost, no one can ever doubt that the world in Michelle Qureshi, has a musician that is so filled with an abundance of musical joy it is simply unrestrainable, and as such this album should be required listening for any up and coming ambient musician and a massive hit on the charts.

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