Thursday, January 11, 2024

Bliss By Anaya Music




Anaya Music

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Anaya is an accomplished contemporary instrumentalist of great style and quality, and today there is a new moment of happiness to be found within her music as we step forward and go on a musical voyage with her and her latest release entitled Bliss.

Over the years the artist has employed rich flavours of tone within her music, and here on her starting arrangement 2022 we see that in great depth, a wonderfully designed opening piece can be found in this track, and some very delicious chord changes too; this piece is the bridge to this 16 track album and offerings like Life, which appear to have even more depth and musical saturation, with an almost neo classical motifs are a wonderful gift for us all.

The fluency of this album and tracks like Compassion suggest to me that Anaya has created her best release so far, each and every aspect of the compositional structures are very easy on the ears and mind, and the aforementioned track also has a lush meditative quality as well.

Tracks about Sunday are always a pleasure to compose and listen to, and here the keyboards of Anaya have captured that laid back easy feeling that one can only get on a Sunday morning, whilst offerings akin to the piece Insight have a powerful refrain and a serious onward movement contained within. This track is filled with intent and purpose as well as being calmly balanced and creatively manifested.

There can be no doubt that Anaya crosses genres with ease, and on the track I Love You we see that new age styled piano combined with a more neo-classically pronounced motif, whilst the key elements of a great contemporary instrumental piece are neatly contained within.

The concluding track is entitled Morning Angel of Light and is one of the most sensitive creations on the album, and a sublime way with which to end the project. Anaya and her latest manifestation Bliss is a treat for the ears and food for the musical soul, the calmness and tranquillity that this new release offers is well worth obtaining, and as such I see no reason why this album shouldn’t be a big hit on the charts for the artist.

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