Friday, June 2, 2023

The Quest By Jacquelyn G. Kleine Written by Steve Sheppard


The Quest


Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This specific piece of music comes at a very interesting time; I have just obtained a diploma in Greek mythology and I am currently researching into Egyptian Mythology, both of these have resurrection claims that are relevant at this very time of year, with the resurrections of both Adonis and Osiris.

Now listening to this delightful new single from flute creator Jacquelyn G. Kleine, it seems I have a soundtrack for that work; this is utterly pictorial and takes me literally over the sea to the pyramids themselves. Her work on this stunning Egyptian bamboo flute is so scene setting, and for me, as I sit here in bliss remembering the film The Alchemist, I wonder just how that tale could have benefited from a wondrous creation like The Quest by Jacquelyn G. Kleine. Her compositional structure is both creative and artistic, melding the technical and instinctual into one; the arrangement is idyllic and contains sublime motifs of mysticism and magic.

I rate this to be one of the finest manifestations of its style I have heard for many a year, and nothing but complete success can be found within the hieroglyphics in the temple of Hathor, for this brand new single by one of the most stylish flute performers of her day, in Jacquelyn G. Kleine

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