Friday, June 9, 2023

Fly High By James Asher


Fly High


James Asher

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new song by James Asher has to be one the his most emotive and moving pieces for some time, it is a testimonial to a lady in DJ Thornton, who like me was a radio host, sadly she has passed away recently, but James remembers her fondly, and Fly High explores that connection between musician and communicator.

There can be no doubt now that Asher’s career has notched up a gear or two in the last year, and is just off the back off a huge hit with Egyptian Halo, but this multi-instrumental composition is truly something spectacular and incredibly reflective.

James has been producing high quality music for some years now, and across a multitude of genres, but since embracing this relatively new singles culture he has gone onward in leaps and bounds, and this new single is another step up the ladder of musical awareness and success.

Fly High is a piece that is a wonderfully fluent instrumental creation, one that could easily fit into either the contemporary instrumental genre or even new age, and without doubt I truly believe that a big hit is on the cards for this one, DJ would have spun this new single with a smile on her face, a classy new creation indeed from James Asher

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