Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Here on the Dance Floor By Gary Lanz


Here on the Dance Floor


Gary Lanz

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Now there is nothing like a really good start to the day, and if you listen to Here on the Dance Floor by Gary Lanz, you are most certainly going to get that, this song is a wonderfully bright ride, and a turbo boost to any new day.

With a smart fluency beyond compare, Lanz reminds me that I have a couple of harmonicas that I really need to pick up again very soon and get intimate with. This power single has it all, a perfect tempo and rhythm, a happy and positive intent, and somewhat of a redolent charm that only a member of the Lanz family could possibly have.

Here is a song that will cross a few boundaries, perhaps a little Americana, but overall for me, this was a driving pop song that reminded me of what Bob Dylan might have been like if he had rocked it up just a little more. The drums are played by Alex Medeles and all the other instruments and vocals are by Lanz himself, so what a performance. 

All in all I loved this new song; we all need a little boost now and then, and for me Here on the Dance Floor by Gary Lanz certainly gave me that, I am already rubbing my hands with glee as to the radio shows I am going to feature this brand new single on, and if you wish to start your day with a moment of musical uplifting empowerment, you would do well to purchase or stream a copy of Here on the Dance Floor by Gary Lanz too.

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