Thursday, June 1, 2023

Soul Channels By Bob Yonker


Soul Channels


Bob Yonker

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Sitting alone in silence is a wonderful thing, one can truly feel the moment, all the sounds around you, and this meditative bliss can sometimes bring about the most accomplished of artistically inspired creations, such as Soul Channels by Bob Yonker, a compilation of solo piano tracks right from the very heart of the artist himself, during a moment of quietness of a lunch time break.

The tones of a solo piano album were just what I needed today; it had been a stressful time for me recently and there is something about a really good solo piano album that centres your soul so to speak, and I found that on this eleven track album, so thanks Bob.

Pieces like Garden Of Lights sung to me as a beautiful dreamer of tone and timbre, this charming composition brought a ray of pure sunlight shafting into my room, whilst creations like the title track Soul Channels, added a little depth into the experience, with such a masterful and tender hand on the keys too.

Here, one will find a fine collection of peaceful piano, I floated through the resonances of compositions like Ripples, a song that for me was so heart felt and deeply beautiful, and one with a slight classical motif from time to time as well, whilst pieces such as Quiet Night totally blew me away with their amazing tenderness and sensitivity, I rate this specific piece to be one of the finest solo piano arrangements I have probably heard this year.

The sincere refrains of the penultimate track entitled Breath Of Silence moved me deeply, its delicate softness was like watching a flower bloom for the first time in March, and then to complete the album with the peace-filled, yet uplifting narrative of Madison's Lights was a moment of sublime craft and intelligence.

Soul Channels by Bob Yonker is a reverential collection of eleven creative and artistically inspired piano music pieces; here Bob sits in the moment and creates a harmonic convergence of peace and tranquillity. Soul Channels by Bob Yonker will be on every piano fans wish list, it is a prime example of a musician feeling the music within, and then expressing it outwardly, only one who is firmly in the moment can connect with their muse in this stunning way.

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