Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Nocturne in Blue By Michael Hoppé


Nocturne in Blue


Michael Hoppé

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been privileged over the years to have been bathed in the delightful tones of various Michael Hoppé creations, one of which was so powerful and emotive that I used it regularly to open one of my very early radio shows, (This Majestic Land). Here today some 10 years, later I am privileged once again to this time review the latest works from the grand master of orchestral and cinematic genius, and his latest moment of inspiration in the release of the album Nocturne in Blue.

Michael Hoppé is a composer of some of the most tender and meaningful creations around today and this new release is abundant with them, for example the very opening piece Nocturne in Blue (Cello & Orchestra) is a perfect introduction to the beauty that will follow, the charming strings of the cello pull the listener into a warm caress of comforting music.

The following musical narrative is deeply emotive and wonderfully powerful, and brings to the forefront the illegal invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the violin here is some of the most moving that I have heard for many years, one can see, feel and hear the suffering of the innocent through the tones and vibrations alone, on Dreaming in Blue and Yellow.

Another single follows the aforementioned one and I must say I believe Love Remains to be one of the finest compositions ever from Michael, its delivers a cinematic moment, but done so with so much textured colour and tenderness, one could imagine a love scene playing out in the movies or even in real life while this beautiful piece plays, this is Hoppé at his very best indeed.

Nocturne in Blue by Michael Hoppé is a stunning 13 track release that also offers a few different versions of previous tracks like a solo piano version of Dreaming in Yellow and Blue, and two fascinating versions of Love Remains, one cello and piano, and the other a simple straightforward solo piano manifestation for your delight.

The choice is also yours on the title track too, with two further different creations of the title header Nocturne in Blue, with a solo piano version, and what I must say is a quite breath taking violin and keyboards arrangement: one must say that the artist and composer has certainly covered all the bases here.

Compositions like Obsession (Violin & Keyboards) have that little extra intensity and an elevated modernistic essence into the weave of the piece too, while arrangements like Siempre (Forever) adds a romantic Spanish flavour into the proceedings, allowing for the project to be wrapped up perfectly with the crafted and emotional creation entitled Fryderyk’s Lament (Piano & Keyboards). We can also take our hats off to violinist David Mendoza, Cellists Kristian Chernev, Gloria Kim, pianist Sehwan Park and of course vocalist Emiliano Cadena, all added so many textures and flavours for this beautiful compilation of musical creations.

Nocturne in Blue by Michael Hoppé is a release of perfection by a man totally in harmony with his muse, his skill set of compositional structures, and his passion for manifesting some of the most emotional music ever into our realm. Nocturne in Blue by Michael Hoppé isn’t just a really good album, it should be labelled as required listening, as an example of some of the finest neo classical works around today.

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