Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Peaceful Walk in the Forest By RAF21


Peaceful Walk in the Forest



Written by

Steve Sheppard


This for me has to be the best example of a new age single I have heard this year with ease. In one opening phrase RAF21 sums up the scene, really good new age music has to take you there, for me, I am in the forest, it’s very early morning, and the hovering intensity of the artist’s work illustrates a slow but glorious sunrise, one soon to be sun manifested in a sun kissed meadow.

Peaceful Walk in the Forest by RAF21 is a masterful pastiche of synths and keyboards, bringing together some of the most harmonious and calming music possible. There is a delicate gentleness as well about this beautiful new single that I also adore, this faultless progression through a serene landscape is just utterly idyllic; what the artist does so well here is to create a wonderfully slow procession over a backdrop of natural sounds, without the need for overly complicated melodies or crescendos.

Peaceful Walk in the Forest by RAF21 is a harmonious picturesque creation of a tranquil reality and after playing this song now no less than 5 times, I think I will upgrade my aforementioned comment, and state that I do believe that this may well be the finest new age styled single I have ever listened too. You would do yourself a disservice by not buying it immediately. 

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