Friday, June 23, 2023

Remember Your Dream By Silvia Blaser


Remember Your Dream


Silvia Blaser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Silvia Blaser as a performer and musician has been literally knocking the ball out of the park recently with her stunning compositions, I firmly believe that when you get in the right mode, it’s easier to stick with it and go with the flow, and her flute compositions lately have been some of the best I have heard, and her latest double single Remember Your Dream can be counted as one of those aforementioned creations.

The lush, colourful and textured opening is simply idyllic, her flute is the magic wand that manifests each passing measure, through her compositions one can feel bathed in a sun kissed moment of utter beauty, and if this reverie could last for eternity, it would be heavenly and never enough. Now this is a double single, and they are almost identical Remember being the first track and Your Dream the second, which is a little windier than the first and is played more in the upper register and mixed as if they were a conversation.

Blaser as a flute player and composer is one of the best around, her accomplishments are going to grow, the awards will come, and those who do know of her music, and those who will come to know her work, will feel all the better for it. Remember Your Dream is a slow moving opus of calm just waiting to be loved, a new release that offers an ocean of serenity for its listeners.

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