Friday, June 2, 2023

Mystic Voyager By Peter Sterling


Mystic Voyager


Peter Sterling

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Peter Sterling is somewhat of a legend in the new age music industry, and he also must be one of the finest harpists around today, here on this brand new album he brings together a star studded super group from the aforementioned genre, to bring us an album which has to be his most ambitious thus far, in Mystic Voyager.

The first footfalls of this amazing new release are so picturesque and textured, Invocation, the opening track is bathed in mystery and an almost angelic energy, with the fluent majesty of Sterling’s harp, our journey is set in the ancient stones of time and tides themselves.

This nine track album is like a diamond, it is multi-faceted and offers up much to enjoy, like the sultry and sensual jazzy offering of Cosmic Lover, a song which could easily fit into the chill-out genre with ease, and contains vocals from Nina Starsong.

For me, one of my personal favourites would be the ambience created by The Long Cold Winter, a performance here by Sterling that took you deep into the wildness and frozen landscapes of the season, with a sublime performance also by Fitz Hugh Jenkins on guitar, one that manifested in a joint effort with Sterling a wonderful Celtic lilt to the proceedings, a tip of the hat also to Mark Danisovszky for his expertize on an instrument rarely heard in this genre, in the accordion.

There is so much to choose from in this release I had a hard time keeping my focus, many of the tracks were so much of a film score standard that images flew through my mind’s eye like a late February storm, tracks like Angels Ascending, where a little aged vibration is added by Dov on Violin, a song that truly moved me, or the final offering in Wings of Light, another wonderful slice of ambience, a composition that manifested such a calming and serene atmospheric mood, and yet another personal favourite of mine, also hats off to Darlene Koldenhoven for her tranquil times on the piano on this creation, other well-known luminaries of the new age world to appear would be Richard Hardy on flutes and Sax, David Young flute, Chianne and Seay on vocals, legendary percussionist Prem Vidu and Steve Oliver on guitar.

Mystic Voyager by Peter Sterling may well be his most ambitious project to date, but in my view it is and will be a total success. I am more than happy to admit I got lost in this album several times, and had to constantly keep listening back and replaying, this made the experience for me simply sublime, and as such, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this is the artists best work thus far, surely if there is any justice in this world of music, then a future award must be on the cards for Mystic Voyager by Peter Sterling, it is that good.

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