Friday, April 21, 2023

The Golden Light By Jacquelyn G. Kleine

The Golden Light


Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


When I first heard the opening refrains from this latest single by Jacquelyn G. Kleine I exclaimed the only utterance that was relevant, a simple but powerful wow!

This is something so very special indeed, the artist’s ability to touch the parts that are so meaningful is well known and understood within her musical creations, but on this brand new single she has connected superbly with the flow of energy that is all around us, the sheer depth of this piece is unfathomable and simply sublime.

The harmonic resonance contained within caresses the 132Hz binaural frequency, and taps into those inner most longings of completion and love that we so much yearn for. The manifestations reminded me very much of the times I spent in meditation over the last twenty years or so, I would seek for something like this to sink into, seems our search is over as The Golden Light by Jacquelyn G. Kleine is here to aid us in our meditative pursuits.

I personally rate this as one of the finest examples of top quality new age music around today, the electric flute performer has created magic here, it is one of those pieces that will remain timeless in the eyes of all those that behold its graceful yet empowering majesty.

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