Monday, April 10, 2023

The London Sessions: Reflections from Studio 2 By Ed Bazel


The London Sessions: Reflections from Studio 2


Ed Bazel

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The soothing yet uplifting narrative of Ed Bazel’s latest album The London Sessions: Reflections from Studio 2 is all too palpable, this is an album that will invoke many memories from all who listen, from all who have dreamed, from all who have tried to make those dreams become a reality, and for those who simply wish to travel upon that dream cloud through a realm of vicarious endeavours.

I for one imagine this location in England to be almost spiritual in energy, and strangely enough, even though I was born just a few miles from this location, I have never visited it, so from Nashville TN to Abbey Road Studios, London, UK we go, and to the holy temple of sound that ushered forth such genius as the Beatles.

I could for example visualise the artist sitting at the Grand Piano in that special corner of the building, and performing the opening piece to the album entitled Morning Glory. The tension must have crackled as Ed’s hands touched the keys, the air itself must have felt heavy with the resonance of past musical heroes and heroines, as he played this wonderfully calming sensitive melody to all that would listen from now and then.

Tracks like the stunning Mountain Serenity would drift seamlessly from the musician’s finger tips, touching tunes of decades past would pass by with a spectral smile, as Bazel would bring us one of the most charming multi-instrumental versions of In My Life, in my view an absolute Beatles Classic.

I sat and wondered what level of courage would this fine pianist had to have mustered just to walk into this building, let alone record music in it, and it must have been an amazing feeling to have created such wondrous works of art as Soaring, with its china doll like pristine energy, or the delicate heart of pieces like Evening Stroll or I Will Think Of You, a song so lovingly manifested by the tender touch of a wonderfully sensitive, yet artistic performer.

I spoke once to a member of one of England’s leading Progressive Rock band in Barclay James Harvest, and he spoke of his time at Abbey Road and the day he played John Lennon’s guitar, I wondered just then how it must have felt for Ed to have gazed at the room around him, closed his eyes, sucked in the energy of the 60’s and performed Yesterday, I personally would have never been able to forget a moment like that, and for him to then have birthed a version so powerful and emotional is a testament to his passionate, and really classy style, and also think about this, what an amazing way with which to conclude an album of this elk.

The London Sessions: Reflections from Studio 2 by Ed Bazel is a 12 track album of sublime music that will never be forgotten by the pianist, and should never be by us ever eager listeners of creative compositions and delightful piano melodies. Ed has followed his vision, he has manifested the intent and followed his dream through, and that alone should be a lesson for us all to seriously take note of. The London Sessions: Reflections from Studio 2 is an album that salutes those time honoured ghosts, it’s a statement of arrival and mantra of success, and more over an album of pure beauty, charm and honesty. A must purchase release lays here waiting for you, and manifested by one of the leading pianists in the instrumental world today called, Ed Bazel.

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