Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Moonrise Samba By Todd Mosby


Moonrise Samba


Todd Mosby

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is nothing like a little Samba to ease the soul as the nights get longer and summer gets stronger. Todd Mosby has been in full flow lately with Georgia’s World, and here he is once again, but now supplying us with this sultry new single entitled Moonrise Samba, a classy jazz packed creation filled with the heat of an August night.

Mosby is without doubt a creative and natural guitarist of amazing quality, mix that up with this stunning pastiche of a multi-instrumental manifestation, and magic is made.

Moonrise Samba will have you dancing in the street with a cocktail in your hand, enjoying the wonderful moments of rhythmic passion and vibrations along the way, a little pulsating percussion, sensual keyboards and a bass that is so smooth it is delight to be in the same room as, add then the harmonic vocals and Mosby’s skill set, and you have an absolute classic on your hands, one that will find its way into your record collections with a startling ease.

Moonrise Samba by Todd Mosby is that jazz track you have been waiting all year long for, that heavenly delight of a symbiotic partnership of keyboards and fluent guitar, it is nothing less than mesmeric and totally unstoppable, here is a sure fire hit on the charts if I have ever heard one.

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