Thursday, April 13, 2023

From The Darkness By Lisa Cullum


From The Darkness


Lisa Cullum

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Many of us will relate to the title of this latest single by Lisa Cullum entitled From The Darkness, we moved back out and into the light after lockdowns and pandemics, we move back from the darkness of despair, we move into the light of expectation, and a single candle may well be enough to guide our way, similar to the art work on this piece.

This brand new track from the accomplished pianist will quickly wend its way into your heart, touch each and every emotional fibre within you, and leave you with the mood that all things are possible once again.

Cullum’s creation is heart felt, it pursues a brilliantly clever build and progression, especially with the added instrumentation and symphonic backdrop, strings and piano are indeed a popular symbiosis in this age, and when manifested to such a high standard as we see here on this new single, one will be very pleased at the outcome indeed.

Lisa Cullum and From The Darkness will lay a loving gentle hand on any sadness that resides within, it will stroke away the pain and tears, and offer the one thing we all need, hope!

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