Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Moonlight (Orchestrated) by Claude Caron


Moonlight [Orchestrated)


Claude Caron

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Claude Caron has really pushed onwards this year and has built on the many successes of the preceding one, now with this brand new single entitled Moonlight [Orchestrated), we may well have seen the best work of the artist so far.

This fine arrangement is very well suited to the subject matter, and the orchestration that flows naturally from it, is manifested by the skill set of the extremely talented Steve Alcoran.

The energies of this new offering are that good that each and every hair will stand to attention on your arms whilst listening to it, this is music that could so easily find its way into a film segment, and if any producers or directors are reading this, then you really need to take a moment to listen to this breath taking new release from Claude.

The performance of Caron on this new single is masterful, full on, and extremely passionate, but added to that is such a layer of technique too, a piece cleverly creative and very impressive in its posture, in its proud tones, and with its sublime crescendos.

Moonlight [Orchestrated) by Claude Caron has to be the best work so far produced by the artist, and as such, should storm up the singles chart, launching the composer into a whole new level of musical stardom.

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