Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Deva & The Hill By Paul Vens & Friends


The Deva & The Hill


Paul Vens & Friends

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the most remarkable things about a Paul Vens presentation is the artists amazing ability to manifest some of the most colourful and literal living images in the folk music genre in this day and age, and on his brand new single The Deva & The Hill, he creates that and much more.

Paul Vens is a master story teller, and here on this brand new offering he employs the gentle yet harmonic vocals of his daughter Rafi, and together they waltz us down the hill of life itself.

The smoothness of this new single is a delight, and it has to be said it is also incredibly nice to see a track of over six minutes given to us ever eager listeners to enjoy, this in a world where some singles barely last two.

One must applaud Vens for his guitar performance also, he wends a tale not only with his lyrical content, but with his gentle chords and acoustic notes, that remind me of an early progressive rock ballad.

The Deva and the Hill is a moving new single by the ever talented Paul Vens, it is a masterful tale about life, love and the passage of time. This new offering is a textured pastiche of moving images, impressive vocals and moody acoustic guitar, and as such should be keenly sort after by all those who adore really good storytelling in music.

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